TSA sued over "instant" sex change

Agency blames malfunctioning X-ray scanner

DALLAS, Tex. -- A Monument Airlines passenger who was passing through a newly installed X-ray machine here got more than scanned this past month. In a freak accident during a thunderstorm at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, a lightning strike caused a surge in power just as the passenger entered the device. According to Dr. Sanjay McMurphy, a physician who happened to be at the scene during the incident, "the momentary increase in voltage apparently caused the instantaneous mutation of the passenger's hormonal structure, instantly changing him from a man into a woman."


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In response to the incident, Rhoda Prindabble, a spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said, "While we have had reports of people aging significantly while passing through the body scanners, this is the first we've heard of the machines contributing to a sex change. The TSA has opened an investigation, the results of which should be known before the devices are widely deployed."

The new systems, which have been criticized by the American Civil Liberties Union for their ability to display much more than dangerous devices are, nevertheless, popular with many passengers and most TSA employees.

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