Hollywood celebs bed Vegas hotel guests

Paris Hilton spotted cruising Strip hotels

GENEVA, Switzerland -- The competition in the upscale hotel business is fierce. In order to hold on to their current customers and to win new ones, lodging companies are continually adding new products and services.


Marriott International, for instance, boasts an extensive corporate incentive program, Westin Hotels and Resorts has gone green, the W Hotels have the W bed and Hyatt Hotel guests can wake up to personalized greetings from loved ones back home.

Not to be left out of the competition, Traveller Hotel Group (THG) announced today that next month it will roll out its Tuck-You-In program.

The program works like this: When a reservation is booked, guests can sign up to have their favorite personality—or a least a person who is the spitting image of that personality—come to their room to tuck them in for the night. Then, once guests have arrived and are ready to retire for the night, they simply slip on their jammies, call the front desk and wait for Brad Pitt or Jessica Simpson or whoever they requested to arrive (with milk and cookies!) and tuck them in.

THG has contracted with Celebrity Impostors International, LLC of London to have over 1500 celebrity look-alikes on call at each of its 435 luxury resort and spa properties in North America, Europe and Asia.

According to Janeris Younhööf, company spokesperson for the impostor supplier, it has set up dispatch offices in each participating hotel and can respond to a guest's request within 15 minutes with almost any fake celebrity from Christina Aguilera to Frank Zappa.

Younhööf said that in a two month trial program, over 6,700 personalities were dispatched to rooms in the company's flagship North American property, the Las Vegas Galactica. Not surprisingly, most requests were for celebrities in the entertainment business; the least requests were for celebrities in the agricultural, nanotechnology and academic fields. 


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The twelve most popular celebrities requested by women were George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal, Denzel Washington, Terry Riley, Owen Wilson, Antonio Banderas, Jackie Chan, the Rock, Johnny Depp, Dr. Phil and Anne Heche.

The dozen most popular celebrities requested by men were Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Anna Kournikova, Heidi Klum, Paula Deen, Lucy Liu, Beyoncé Knowles, Scarlett Johansson, Tyra Banks, Pamela Anderson, Dr. Phil and Anne Heche.

On the other hand, Younhööf noted that the least popular dozen requests among both men and women were for Lindsay Lohan, Bill O'Reilly, Larry Ellison, Michael Phelps, Rosanne Barr, O.J. Simpson, Harry Reid, Pat Robertson, Condoleeza Rice, Terrell Owens, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Schlessinger.

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