Machu Picchu to be relocated to Nevada

Machu Picchu World to open in a decade

CUSCO, Peru -- Officials here confirmed that a well-known, international, theme park developer has concluded talks with Peruvian government officials and representatives of the National Inca Cultural Society to build Machu Picchu World on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Johnston Emarick, spokesman for the park developer, was clear to note that Machu Picchu World will not be a replica of the iconic site in Peru. Instead it will be the real thing, involving disassembly, transport and reassembly of the monument in the Nevada desert. 

According to Emarick, holographic contour mapping technology will be used to identify the exact location of each of the stones from the site in Peru. Then the stones will be removed and reassembled in Nevada on an exact replica of the mountain that itself will be enclosed by a 1700 foot tall, 3-D mural depicting the surrounding mountains. Moreover, special atmospheric generators will be installed to replicate the unique climatic conditions, including restricting the breathable oxygen level to that found at 7900 feet elevation.

Machu Picchu World will be the largest and most ambitious theme park project ever undertaken, and in exchange for its relocation, Canard Parks International, the operator of the park, will share admission and concession proceeds with the Peruvian government.


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Construction on the project, which is estimated to cost in the range of $36 billion, will begin early next year and is expected to completed in time to admit its first visitors by the middle of the century.

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