Polygamist town to build tourist center

Colorado City, Ariz. will host country's first Beds & Breakfast

COLORADO CITY, Ariz., -- At a news conference here today, Mayor Jeff Warrens announced, “Acting on orders from God, I have allocated $3.2 million to build and staff a tourist information center near the town square and located right across the street from the new FBI building, now under construction."

Noting that Colorado City received notoriety due to the criminal trial of Warren Jeffs, Warrens said, “It is time to capitalize on the publicity that the town is getting.”


The tourist center will house and display historical documents such as the proclamation passed by the city council changing the name of the town to Colorado City on the last day of 1960 and all 657 marriage licenses currently on file listing 19 men and their 1233 wives.

A 400 seat theatre will show films documenting the history of the city and of its most famous citizens, including Warren Geoffs, organizer of the annual Father's Day Parade where all 17 husbands in the community are honored.

The new tourist center will also provide visitors with maps to historical sites such as the former home of Jacob Lauritzen, a cattle rancher who founded the town of Short Creek (the previous name of the city) in 1913. Driving directions to J&R Demolition will also be provided. There visitors will be able to view the red Cadillac Escalade in which Warren Jeffs was arrested In Las Vegas, Nev. on August 28, 2006.


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Warrens himself hopes to build on the potential tourist trade. In a telephone interview with the Mayor, he told Err Travel, "The little women and I will be devoting our energies to establishing the first Beds & Breakfast not only in Colorado City, but in the nation." Named the Short Creek Inn, after the town’s prior name, it will feature one king- and several bunk-beds in each room to, in Warrens' words, "reflect the lifestyle of the local community."

In a reference to Warren Jeffs, the self-proclaimed 'prophet of God' and leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or FLDS Church, Warrens said, “First I know that our names are similar, and I am often contacted by the media to learn if I am related to him. Hell… I mean, heck no! Jeffs is a prophet. I am a simple witness… and now an entrepreneur too."

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