Holiday tours priced from €39

A few restrictions apply

LISBON, Portugal -- Sunshine Getaways, a Portuguese holiday tour company, announced that beginning next month, it will offer "incredibly low-cost holiday travel packages." According to Alfredo Silva, spokesperson for Sunshine Getaways, its clients will be able to book one-week, all-inclusive travel to tropical destinations for as little as €39 per person, double occupancy.

Silva notes that these holiday packages include first-class, round-trip airfare and suite level rooms at top-of-the-line, Michelin five-star, Caribbean resort properties.

When asked by Err Travel how his company could offer such incredibly low rates, Silva said, "We have been in business for half a century so we know our way around the upscale, leisure travel market, and we have built up a lot of loyalty with our vendors over those years. Also, following an industry trend, we have placed a few restrictions on travel." When asked about those restrictions, Silva replied that they were all spelled out in the advertising copy. 


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Err Travel contacted Obermeyer & French, the public relations firm handling the advertising for Sunshine Getaways, and the company has taken out oversized ads so that all the fine print of the "few restrictions" referred to by Silva could be displayed. Upon reading that fine print, Err Travel has determined that the rate is only available to couples who hold Molvadian passports, who make their reservations between 03:40 and 03:55 on July 10, who pay an equivalent of €39 in cash with yertas and who can holiday from July 11 through July 18.

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