Erhart Verner support group for travelers

Six million join in first month

BIG SUR, Calif. -- Erhart Verner, who played a key role in the human potential movement of the early 1970's, is back. Verner has established the first world-wide emotional support group for travelers.

Verner was an automobile salesman who, during a test drive in 1968, happened upon a commune on the California coast. He was immediately struck with the idea that people would actually pay to have others—regardless of ability or qualifications—tell them how they should feel about particular events occurring in their lives.

Following his brief "pit stop" at the commune, Verner returned to the Peugeot dealership in Salinas where he was working, tendered his resignation, and set out to form his own "community village." Setting up camp farther south along the Pacific coast, he advanced a form of meditation called Erhart's Stress Desensitization or "esd." Unfortunately for Verner, this turned out to be a largely unpopular movement due to an overshadowing by a similar sounding program operating in the same geographic region.


Verner, however, has persevered. For the past three decades he has had some limited success in recruiting members for his movement. But now, seeing the potential of more and more travelers in more and more stressful situations, he believes that he has identified a membership that is ripe for calming mantras and soothing teas.

According to spokesperson Sunrise Feather-Glow, "Erhart will marry today's technology with yesterday's cultural enlightenment movement and apply it to traveling. He will use wireless technology to connect travelers to each other as well as to his Institute and will set up Emotional Release Stations in major airports across the U.S. and overseas.


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The program, called E-Support for Travelers, or EST, has already signed up over six million travelers and is expected to attract another 34 million before the summer travel months are over.

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