Err Travel to offer doofus insurance

Joint venture with Lloyd of London

LONDON, Ontario -- The Chubb insurance company, offers insurance coverage of up to £10,000 to reimburse people “who have to pay out for medical or psychiatric services as a result of air rage, and to compensate those who have to take time off work."

Following that lead, Err Travel has joined in a strategic partnership with Lloyd of London to provide travelers with coverage against mishaps that they may confront which are not otherwise covered by their personal or company insurance policies.

In announcing the availability of this new insurance product, Lloyd Esteerbol, founder and president of Lloyd of London and CEO of the newly formed company said, "We believe that there is a huge market for insurance to cover rude, insolent, dishonest, and just plain stupid behavior among employees of companies who provide products and services to travelers. Our policies will protect the insured against these doofuses by reimbursing the direct costs of inconveniences associated with dim-witted or fraudulent behavior on the part of travel product or service providers. Moreover, we will notify the responsible companies that their services suck."

The new company, called Chumpp Insurance Group, has recruited former Stone Roses singer Ian Brown as its spokesperson, noting that his incarceration after threatening to chop off the hands of an airline stewardess was simply a misunderstanding. "Ian really is a likable and charming chap," said Esteerbol.


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Chumpp will sell individual "Doof Proof" insurance policies through kiosks to be installed in coming months in most major airports in North America and Europe. The cost of each policy will depend on the amount of annual travel by the insured as well as the specific destinations traveled but is expected to range between $12.95 for a one-time trip to Vancouver to $7,985.00 for weekly trips to Los Angeles.

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